It is almost impossible to lead an uncontaminated life. Toxins and pollutants are all around us. Second hand smoke and car fumes, pesticides used on the foods we eat, toxins in our cleaning products and even the antibiotics that cured our last sickness.

Dr Grace Lee

The colon is responsible for 70% of the immunity in our bodies. Our good bacteria grows on the wall of our colons. If it is impacted with feces,toxins, and bacteria then that healthy bacteria cannot grow. Only in a clean environment can it thrive.
more benefits

  • Feel refreshed & healthy.

  • Comfortable and Gentle.

  • Very private & relaxing.

  • Wash out 27 feet of colon and colon wall as many times as you like in one session.

Clients are able to see what actually comes out of the intestine through clear viewing tube.

It's time to Feel Great !!

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