Think about it this way:

A new car has a crankshaft that is nice and clean. Routine maintenance, in addition to many others, includes changing the oil every 3 months or 3000 miles. This is done to to keep sludge and grime from building up so that your car will continue to run at it's best and to prevent damage to your engine.

Would you keep driving your car around without EVER changing the oil ??

Colonic hydrotherapy also known as Colonic Irrigation is the slow infusion of hot and cold water into the large intestine. It's a way of cleansing the bowels through natural filtered water. The process is very gentle and is done with all disposable equipment. A small speculum is inserted into the rectum about 2-3 inches and the colon is then filled with water.

Whatever fecal material is loosened within the 40-45 minutes of the colonic session you will see pass through a small window in the machine where the therapist and client can view and analyze the releases.

Colonics are recommended to do once a week for four weeks.

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