Dr. Grace Lee is recognized as one of the most renowned acupuncturists and herbal practitioners in the world today. As the founder of East & West Medical Clinic Acupuncture in Agoura Hills, Ca she's successfully treated thousands of people for a wide range of conditions with a holistic approach that includes alkaline water, acupuncture, and herbs.

We can't say but many of her patients are people with names you would certainly recognize

Dr. Lee has authored the books Acid & Alkaline Balance Food and Body Type Food Diet. As a lecturer she's traveled the world instructing on how to balance acid and alkaline levels in the body by customizing nutritional plans according to body types. In addition, she's searched the globe for a source of high alkaline water that can retain its integrity even when bottled. This she finally found and has bottled under the name Alka Fit.

Dr. Lee's work is based in the principle that every living organism on earth must remain in a pH balanced state for the entire ecosystem to function as designed. Plants and trees require soil of a specific pH or they will die. When bodies of water become even marginally too acidic or basic, life in them ceases. Likewise, human beings will remain healthy and disease-free only if the body maintains a proper pH level.