Dr. Grace Lee is recognized as one of the best acupuncturist and herbal practitioner in the world. She has array of expertise in her experience healing oneself through nature's course. She has been operating East & West Medical Clinic Acupuncture in Agoura Hills, Ca for years and has helped many people from all walks of life. She utilizes alkaline water, acupuncture, and herbs to cure many different type ills and disease. She has written books "Acid & Alkaline Balance Food" and "Body Type Food Diet". She has done many seminars all over the world teaching how to balance acid and alkaline in the body through food. She has traveled continent to find miracle cure high alkaline water. She has search all over the world looking for high alkaline water that can be maintained in the bottle when it is bottled and at the same time she also taught how to eat food for the body right type.

She believes that we are all different individual human beings. However no matter how different living thing we are, everything living on planet earth must remain in a pH balanced state for the ecosystem to function as designed. Plants and trees in our forest can only grow in properly balanced soils if not they die. Fish in our oceans and lakes can only survive in properly balanced environments if not they die. People can only stay healthy and live disease free if the body has a balance between its levels of Acid and Alkaline.

Dr. Lee treatments are able to get to the root of the problems. Dr. Lee restores seeks to restore the balance. There are many of us suffer from feeling of un-wellness which cannot be explained by laboratory test results. Many of you suffer through long periods of lives unnecessarily with such "un-explainable symptoms" and are told that there is nothing wrong. How many of are aware that something is wrong or even have specific complaints despite inconclusive test finding? What choices do you have other than just suffer?

Dr. Lee can help wide range of health problems by guiding your body into acid and alkaline balance to prevent and cure ills and disease. She will teach us how to purify our body of harmful toxins and increase your natural resistance to disease by simply balancing alkalinity .To have flourishing life lives in the nature's ecosystem in harmony with acid and alkaline balance.

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